Baby Bronco 2019

The Baby Bronco: An Off-Road SUV

An all-new crossover will soon join the grownups of the big Ford family! The name of the SUV in question hasn’t yet been revealed, so in the meantime, it has been dubbed the Baby Bronco, as its appearance will resemble the classic Bronco of the sixties. Of course, the style will be updated, and the vehicle will be equipped with all the technological features currently found in the other crossovers in the Ford lineup.

What do we know about the Ford Baby Bronco to date? It will be based on the same platform as the new-generation Ford Focus, it will feature the same technologies and powertrains as the Escape (including a 4-cylinder turbo engine) and it will be designed particularly with off-roading in mind. In fact, the Baby Bronco will be outfitted with off-road tires, an aggressive grille and a roof rack just waiting to be loaded up with your gear as you head out on a forest expedition! The design will meet the growing needs of families who love to enjoy the great outdoors during the weekends.

The release of the Ford Baby Bronco is anticipated for 2020. In the meantime, for further developments, keep an eye on all the latest news from Solution Ford in Châteauguay!