Ford trucks and vans are going green

Hybrid and electric technologies are occupying an ever-growing place in the automotive market. In the Ford lineup, you’ll find the C-Max and Fusion in both hybrid and electric versions, not to mention the electric version of the Focus hatchback. In an effort to expand its clientele looking to take the green plunge, Ford is now focusing on company fleets with the creation of its eQVM program.

The eQVM program at the service of Ford commercial vehicles

For several years now, Ford has had a program called Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM), which is a metric for guiding companies specializing in chassis modification. This program was put in place to raise customer satisfaction rates by offering a high-quality product, while ensuring compliance with government regulations. These modifications (for example, transforming a Ford sedan into a limousine), which are carried out exclusively by specialized companies that have been approved by the QVM program, enable the modified vehicles to remain protected under Ford warranties.

This program comes in two different versions: the Advanced Fuel QVM program, launched in 2010, which permits the transformation of certain pickups (Transit Connect, trucks and vans of the E and F series) enabling them to run on propane; and the eQVM program. The latter permits the installation of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric systems. Given the fact that Ford is focusing on companies, the eQVM program targets Ford trucks (from the F-150 to the F-750), the Ford Transit, the vans of the E series, and certain specific chassis (the F-53 and F-59).

Always aiming to expand its clientele and offer solutions with an eye to the future, for the next few years, Ford will be unveiling a number of new electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Keep an eye out for the latest arrivals at Solution Ford in Châteauguay!