FordPass, an App That Will Greatly Simplify Your Life

You are comfortably seated in a movie theatre and you are in the middle of the movie. Suddenly, a thought flashes through your mind: are the car doors properly locked? From that moment on, it becomes impossible to return your attention to the screen and you have two choices: leave the theatre to make sure they are locked, or stay put and rack your brains. We all went through this situation at one point or another in our life, but, thanks to the brand new FordPass app, this scenario could, from now on, be a thing of the past!

What is the FordPass App?

Available for downloading from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, the brand new FordPass app (added to the SYNC® Connect system) will literally change your life and will greatly improve your owner’s experience. As a matter of fact, highly revolutionary, it allows you to: lock and unlock your doors, check the fuel level of your car, start and stop your engine; and all that, remotely! In short, with FordPass, you can connect with your vehicle, almost anywhere. Beyond the remote management of your vehicle’s commands, it helps you, by using a GPS, to locate a parking space or even find the dealership nearest to your position.

The FordGuide Assistants, Your New Best Friends

With FordGuide, the ultimate in matters of on-board management, you can get in touch with real people via the FordPass chatting function, or via your phone by simply pressing a key. Knowing your Ford car like the back of their hand, they are able to help you with any problems and are at your entire disposal to answer any questions. The FordGuide also includes a roadside assistance, a necessity to avoid many worries! Have your car towed, or even get fuel! All this is possible thanks to the GPS included with the FordPass.

This way, with the brand new FordPass app and the FordGuide assistants, remotely controlling one’s vehicle and quickly getting help in case of a road glitch is now child’s play! To take advantage of it, just download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. But be aware that your vehicle must be equipped with the system called SYNC® Connect!