Parts & Accessories

In order to insure that your Ford vehicle, whether it is a car, a truck or SUV, is in perfect working order, it is essential to use only original Ford parts. These parts work in harmony with the mechanics of your car and will not run the risk of causing irreversible damage to your vehicle. Since no one should skimp on matters of security, we strongly recommend that you visit our Ford dealership in Châteauguay, near Brossard and LaSalle in order to secure original parts and accessories. If we do not have them in inventory, we will order them!

Solution Ford, the Best Place for Your Brakes

At Solution Ford, we carry in stock high quality brake pads and shoes that are especially designed for Ford vehicles. Other than these, we have original brake drums and disks that are solid and robust, and will assure you a flawless performance and durability. As a matter of fact, on top of having been tested, our parts exceed the Federal Government’s automobile security norms.

If your Ford vehicle pulls on one side when you brake, if you feel a change in your brake pedal or if it shakes and vibrates when you brake, don’t wait, just get in touch with our Ford technical advisor to get his recommendations or to make an appointment in our repair shop. Don’t forget to have your brakes regularly maintained and to have them meticulously inspected by our expert mechanics!

Find the tires that suit you best

Having good tires is not only a matter of performance, it is also a matter of safety as they must grip well to the road in order to avoid a loss of control of the vehicle. At our dealership, located near LaSalle and Brossard, we offer a complete choice of high quality tires from reputable brands, the likes of Pirelli, Firestone, Goodyear and many more. To be safe, your tires must be in excellent shape, make sure to replace them when they are worn out. Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate to have them inspected by our expert technicians.

For Ford parts and accessories, trust our dealership! We also invite you to make a service appointment at our shop or to take advantage of one of our specialities, truck customization!

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