The 2017 Super Duty, More Than 17 New Functions Exclusives to its Category

This year, Ford has decided to greatly improve its Super Duty trucks, not only by redefining its capabilities (that are basically already sensational), but also by adding an impressive quantity of new functionalities (for a total of 17)! The result: they are now more intelligent and more technological, which makes them, among other improvements, more user friendly for those who must regularly tow heavy loads.

The BLIS® System, a Choice Ally

Among the many new functionalities that garnish the 2017 Super Duty, one can find a whole technological system aiming to improve visibility, on the work sites as well as on the road. As a matter of fact, thanks to its cameras and sensors, the BLIS system, with its transversal traffic and towed trailer warning, checks, at the same time, the blind spots of your vehicle and those of your trailer. That way, every time a car is detected in one of your blind spots, an indicator light (located in the side mirror) warns you of the danger, saving you a lot of problems.

The Back-up Guiding System, a Very Useful Technology

If the BLIS system is in charge of your blind spots, the back-up guiding system, for its part, lets you have a complete view from the different angles of your vehicle, even though your payload is obstructing your visibility. As a matter of fact, this technology, which also uses cameras, helps you stay alert in face of the obstacles that surround your truck when you back up with a trailer. A highly practical and appreciated assistance in real time!

The SYNC 3 System, an Advanced Software

Besides the surveillance systems, that ensures a reduction in the risks for a collision, lies the new generation SYNC 3 system, which includes a panoply of unbelievable techno gadgets. It allows you, for instance, to take control of your smart phone by using only your voice, to find your destination and even to answer your text messages with the help of pre-recorded messages.

As you can see, the computer systems are not lacking in the 2017 Super Duty. And the list goes on: adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, adaptive steering system, and much more. With all these breakthroughs, we have no difficulty in understanding why these trucks are “super”!.