Purchasing a Ford Vehicle: Why Choose a Premium Maintenance Plan?


The purchase of a new or used Ford vehicle is cause for celebration! But instead, are you worrying about how you’ll budget for future repairs and maintenance? Ford has implemented several premium maintenance programs enabling all new owners of Ford vehicles to enjoy the greatest possible peace of mind. Available at Solution Ford, your dealership of choice in the South Shore area of Montreal, these programs offer a $0 deductible and can be included in your finance agreement. What’s more, some of the programs can be transferred to the next owner when you decide to sell your vehicle, adding to its resale value. All you have to do is choose your premium maintenance plan and you can drive off the lot at the wheel of your new vehicle in total confidence!

The Ford Protect® Plan

This extended service plan is available with the lease or purchase of new Ford vehicles. It covers all the regularly scheduled maintenance that’s recommended in the Owner Manual. Furthermore, the plan covers up to eight select wear items against normal wear and tear or factory defects. The only program that’s 100 percent guaranteed by Ford Motor Company of Canada, it promises new owners of Ford vehicles that their repairs and maintenance will be performed by certified Ford technicians using only genuine Ford parts. With no deductible, the Ford Protect Plan protects you from the rising costs of maintenance services, ensuring your peace of mind.

Limited Maintenance Plan

This extended service plan is available on used Ford vehicles so you can protect your investment and your pocketbook against the ever-increasing costs of maintenance services. The plan covers oil changes and filters, multi-point inspections and tire rotation. Several different time and mileage limits are offered to respond to the needs of each and every owner.

Premium Maintenance Plans

So avoid fluctuations in your daily expenses and choose the premium maintenance plan that best suits your needs! For further information, give one of our Solution Ford representatives a call today at 450-691-4130.